Holiday Deals for Every Stoner



In honor of Cyber Week and the vast amount of holiday deals, our team at The Canna Blog has put together a list of some awesome stoner deals. Since most people are comfortable and familiar with shopping on Amazon, all of the products we recommended are available to purchase through Amazon’s secure site. This list will give you a chance to think about your favorite stoners, and what gifts they may find useful during this Winter season. We have included a variety of items that the majority of smokers would appreciate this holiday season. Enjoy and happy holidays!



Pokémon Pokeball Herb Grinder with Free Clean Cloth and Gift Box

by GoLoco

$ 11.95  + FREE Shipping on orders over $ 49 + Prime availability

This grinder is perfect for your Pokemon loving stoners. Trying to catch a good high? This grinder will help get you there. For only $11.95 you receive a neatly wrapped grinder inside a gift box. This grinder is a perfect and affordable present the holidays.



Piranha 4 Piece Herb Grinder

by Piranha

$ 44.81 + FREE Shipping on orders over $ 49

This grinder is available for all the Piranha loving stoners. In a dark green color, this will resemble the buds it grinds up; unless you’re grinding up purp which in that case, good for you. This grinder is made of durable material so it will survive the dings and drops of daily life.



Starbucks Themed 4 Piece Herb Grinder 

by Dig

$ 7.95 + FREE Shipping on orders over $ 49 + Prime availability

What a better little grinder to spend your bucks on! This special grinder will show off your love for Starbucks.  With its heavy duty aluminum design, you can break up your bud evenly for a nice smooth smoke sesh. As the Starbucks lady holds two bongs, it is clear this grinder is not for grinding up kitchen herbs. This item is great for friends who are always seen carrying Starbucks.



iRainy 5 Piece Zinc Weed Grinder with Kief Catcher 2.5 Inch

by iRainy

$ 9.68 + FREE Shipping on orders over $ 49 + Prime available

The iRainy 5 piece grinder is an affordable buy at only $9.68. Most grinders are 4 piece grinders which only collects one layer of kief. With an extra screen, this grinder allows you to collect even finer kief. It is perfect for users who go through a large amount of bud and who like their kief mighty fine.



Raw Grinder Card

by Raw

$ 7.59 + FREE Shipping on orders over $ 49 + Prime availability

This fine grinder card is perfectly sized to fit in your wallet. Now you are able to have a grinder everywhere you go without carrying a clunky cylinder. This grinder card grinds bud similar to a cheese grater by sliding the bud up and down the card. Definitely a good holiday present.




Vaporizer Pens

NOKIVA  by Airistech

by Airistech Nokiva

$ 54.98 + FREE Shipping

This vaporizer is a quality dry herb vaporizer. Coming in at $54.98, it is a great buy for its quality. It has a battery length to last about 3 good vape sessions. With a variable temperature setting, you have control of how hot your bud gets. This vape is definitely worth its price and should last for longer than expected. Color choices include red, black, white and pink.



Grenco Science Snoop Dogg G Pro 2.0

$ 16.98 + $ 4.49 shipping

This vape pen, created by Grenco and Snoop Dogg, is a great portable vape for dry herbs. With Snoop Dogg, we all know his products are quality because of how long that man has been smoking. This vaporizer comes with all the vaping necessities. Just charge it up, pack the bud and vape away.




incrediPen V.2 Pen Kit

by incrediPen

$ 24.99 + FREE Shipping

This incrediPen V.2 is an affordable vape pen for concentrates and waxes. This pen comes in a nice carrying case to allow for safe and protected travel. With a sleek silver exterior, this pen will draw the admiration from other smokers around you. Give them a hit and they will surely purchase one of their own.




Gas masks

Multicolor Gas Mask + 17-inch Blue Acrylic Hose Pipe

by SmokDitrots

$ 40.51 + $ 4.49 shipping

This gas mask features a colorful mask with a 17-inch blue water pipe attachment. These gas masks are great for change of smoking instruments. Plus, many people have never hit a gas mask so you will surely be giving others new and fond memories to tell their friends about.



Gas Mask + 17-Inch Red Acrylic Hose Pipe + Bronze Skull Grinder

by SmokDitrots

$ 40.51 + $ 4.49 shipping

This gas mask has a nice color scheme by combining the black mask and the red water pipe attachment. On top of the gas mask assembly, SmokDitrots offers a skull grinder for your weed as well. That’s quite a combo. Guaranteed to pack a punch, this gas mask will not be a regretful decision.



Gas Mask + 17-Inch Black Acrylic Hose Pipe + Spring Pipe

by Kosoul Van

$ 40.51 + $4.49 shipping

The Kosul Van gas mask features a black mask with a matching black water pipe. Along with the purchase of the gas mask assembly, Kosul Van will include a spring pipe as well with your purchase. This item is for serious smokers looking to upgrade their pipe collection.



Lighter Accessories

LighterBro Stainless Steel Lighter Sleeve

by LighterBro

$ 11.17 + FREE Shipping on orders over $ 49 + Prime availability

This lighter sleeve is a useful add-on, giving the user access to a poker, a thin pin and scissors. You never know when you need scissors. With a shiny silver finish this accessory will upgrade any bic lighter to a multi-function lighter.



Kool-Aid BIC Lighter Sleeve

by LLC Wood Lighter Cases

$ 11.99 + $ 2.50 shipping

Who doesn’t love the Kool-aid man? With this lighter sleeve, you get to bring a smoking Kool-aid man with you wherever you go. A great addition and an even greater conversation piece, this sleeve will keep you smiling every time you reach for your lighter.



Toker Poker Black

by Toker Poker

$ 9.95 + FREE Shipping + Prime availability

This toker poker is great for packing down bowls and clearing them out. With a larger sleeve, it is harder to lose and harder for others to take your lighter. This is a useful accessory for all stoners with a sense of style and functionality. The toker poker comes in a variety of about 20 different colors and styles.



Stash Cans

Arizona Green Tea Stash Can

arizona-stash-can-for-realzby AriZona

$ 11.53 + FREE Shipping +  Prime availability

Handcrafted from a real Arizona Green Tea can, this stash container can hide and store your weed in plain sight. The design goes almost undetected and is perfect for the stoner who likes to keep things discreet.



Aquafina Water Bottle Safe Can Stash

by Safety Tech

$ 13.65 + FREE Shipping + Prime availability

This stash can is designed from a real Aquafina water bottle. Separated into two compartments, you can successfully mimic this stash bottle into a real water bottle, simply by filling the top compartment with water, how clever!



Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe with Key Lock

by Trademark Home

$ 9.23 + FREE Shipping + Prime availability

Need maximum security for your weed? This is the perfect tool for that! With its brilliant design, only appearing as a dictionary, you can securely lock what you need in the hidden safe that lies behind the cover of this book.   



Clothing + Accessories

Marijuana Leaf Galaxy Hoodies

by Shop4Ever

$ 16.51 + $ 4.62 shipping

This stylish sweatshirt will help cannabis smokers prepare for colder weather, while still displaying their passions. With a range of different colors, this article of clothing is great for friends who love to show their love for cannabis.



Marijuana Beanie With Mickey Hands


$ 4.99 + $ 4.99 shipping

This marijuana beanie will keep everyone’s head and ears warm during any outdoor smoking sessions. The hands rolling up a joint resemble the hands of Mickey Mouse. Trap the heat with this stoner-friendly apparel.



USA Marijuana Leaf Flag 3′ X 5′ 

by Nuge

$ 1.99 + $ 4.99 shipping

This Marijuana flag is a great addition to any household. Fill up bare wall space and display your affection for marijuana at the same time. For only $1.99 plus shipping this a is a great buy for any cannabis enthusiast.  



Gas, Grass or Ass Nobody Rides For Free (8-1/2″ x 4″) Decal Bumper Sticker 

gas grass or ass, cannabis blog, weed blog, marijuana blog

by Diamond Graphics

$ 4.99 + FREE Shipping

A nice decal with a classic saying. This decal can be placed conveniently on any surface; windows, cars, trucks, laptops and more.



Weed and Bong Ice Cube Mold Tray

by IcedOut

$ 9.37 + FREE Shipping

This cute contraption will bring smiles to all of your guests while they enjoy their ice cold refreshments. A nice addition to the refreshments you serve, weed leaves and bong ice cubes are a welcomed change to the traditional ice cube.



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