Drunk vs. Stoned: Guy Attempts Tasks Drunk vs Stoned [VIDEO]


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Society rarely compares the effects of cannabis and alcohol; however, within friend groups, the subject is more widely talked about. When it comes to these substances and their effects, experience is usually the best teacher, but isn’t it wonderful that we can learn from the experiences of others? The different effects, and aftermath, of cannabis and alcohol, are displayed in the wonderful video below, created by BuzzFeed.

This video has made the viral “rounds” in the recent years and shows the host performing an array of activities while in different inebriated states. The activities performed consist of catching balls, acting sober (for 10 seconds), dancing, exercising, making phone calls, building legos and drawing a picture.

Performing these activities shows the host’s agility, creativity, quick thinking and more while in two totally different inebriated states.  Share this page with your friends if you really enjoy our content.





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