Holiday Deals for Every Stoner

  In honor of Cyber Week and the vast amount of holiday deals, our team at The Canna Blog has put together a list of some awesome stoner deals. Since most people are comfortable and […]

Election Results for Legal Cannabis 2016

Election Results for Legal Cannabis 2016

Election Results for Legal Cannabis 2016 While most eyes have been set on the presidential race during the 2016 election many states have voted on their own cannabis initiatives and we are here to provide […]

Know Your Rights With Police

Do You Know Your Rights With Police?

In order to assert your Constitutional rights confidently, you first have to know what they are. The infographic below, released by Online Paralegal Programs, aims to help Americans understand the rights have and don’t have […]

Drunk vs. Stoned: Guy Attempts Tasks Drunk vs Stoned [VIDEO]

  Society rarely compares the effects of cannabis and alcohol; however, within friend groups, the subject is more widely talked about. When it comes to these substances and their effects, experience is usually the best teacher, but […]

Get Hired Within the Cannabis Industry

Is Your Job Boring as Hell? Embed from Getty Images   Are you thinking about changing jobs or careers? Are you looking for a more interesting line of work? Do you happen to like cannabis? Well then […]

3 Ways to Get Into “The Zone” Mentally

What is it like to be in the zone? Being in the zone is a feeling and mental state where one knows they’re moving in the right direction. It’s the state of mind enabling one […]

The Millionaire Mindset – Do You Have It?

Is it possible for you to be a millionaire? The mindset of a millionaire is something we all possess. We simply need to learn how to access it and its features. It can help tremendously […]

Welcome to The Canna Blog

After a long-awaited start-up, we would like to welcome you to The Canna Blog. Here at The Canna Blog, we aim to foster positive discussions about the emerging cannabis industry and all the intricacies that are involved […]